Ask: Create and launch a new product or an improved version of a Milk Makeup’s Waterproof Mascara (kush).
The Truth: Kush mascara will never actually be waterproof because it's free of the pfas that make mascaras waterproof in the first place. they're making a promise they can't keep.
Soulution: create a product that has a tight seal but will maintain the health and integrity of your lashes. capitalize off the lack of color with mascara with bold, pigmented, and safe colors that are trendy and will make anyone’s makeup looks that much better. vivid color built to last.
If you didn't know...
Milk makeup is known for 
Clean beauty: Milk Makeup is committed to using clean, vegan, and cruelty-free ingredients in its products.
Innovation: Milk Makeup aims to push boundaries and challenge conventional beauty norms through innovative products and packaging.
Self-expression: Milk Makeup encourages its customers to express their individuality and embrace their unique beauty through its diverse range of products.
Accessibility: Milk Makeup believes that beauty should be inclusive and accessible to all, regardless of gender, ethnicity, or identity.
            advertised as  
                 - super conditioning
         - high volume
         - Waterproof
The Waterproof dilemma
The Good
Waterproof mascara is great choice for those who want a long-lasting, smudge-proof, makeup look that can withstand the beach, the gym or a good cry sesh 
The Bad​​​​​​​
Waterproof mascara never really comes off, even after all the scrubbing + most waterproof mascaras contain harsh chemicals like PFAS that eventually dry out and thin your real lashes and PFAS are the main ingredient in waterproof mascaras
PFAS are manmade chemicals that can cause various illnesses including cancer. they're sometimes called “forever chemicals” as they can accumulate in the environment and human body and do not easily breakdown. 

half of the 231 cosmetic products tested contained PFAS. This included about 80% of waterproof mascaras, and about 60% of liquid lipsticks, eyeliners, and foundations as well as other products such as concealers, eyeliners, and eyebrow products.
           journal of Environmental Science & Technology 
of course I scoured the internet to see what the people where saying and saw the same sentiment
"Lashes looked BOMB!!!! I felt like a brand new person. Super long and full. However, everything got ruined during my daily crying sessions. The mascara is sooo not waterproof.” - Milk website

 don't know how this product is allowed to be advertised as waterproof when it's honestly more washable than a Crayola marker.” - reddit user
I am 100000% sure the regular kush mascara was accidentally placed inside my waterproof kush mascara because there is absolutely no way this is waterproof. I've tried it multiple times to the pool thinking I was crazy?? Maybe I did something wrong?? But no, it's the mascara” - sephora website
Not Waterproof
Milk’s Kush Mascara is clearly missing the mark. Users feel as though they’re being duped out of a quality Mascara.
let's switch the narrative
Since milk values clean beauty, it's no surprise that Kush mascara wouldn't be waterproof. Honestly, it feels like they're making a promise they can't keep.  We need to embrace this, not hide it. This mascara will  keep your lashes looking fly even when it's raining, but won't make you scrub your eyes raw to get it off later.
out with waterproof in with Water-tight
A fair compromise for those who want some waterproofness without the harsh chemicals.

on when you want it, off when you don't.
With this watertight mascara, it's your call 

Don't settle for the same old boring mascara look. I  product breaks the mold with its unique design and name that represents what this product stands for - intense, vibrant color that stays put even in water or humid conditions. It's the standout in the beauty aisle and the #1 choice for those who want to make a statement.
Introducing...... (drumroll)

watertight mascara

To enhance the user experience, I have incorporated a cube-shaped top to the mascara bottle. This design feature not only provides a better grip for opening but also maintains the signature glass look that Milk Makeup is renowned for.

Boldness has taken on a new meaning, eye makeup that used to be dark and smoky is now light and bright 

Boldness has taken on a new meaning, eye makeup that used to be dark and smoky is now light and bright 
Reimagine the color names to not only epitomize the current fashions, but also capture the true essence of boldness.
Solo project

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